Dr. Alexander has assisted on multiple defense cases across multiple states. He has a wide knowledge base medically, psychiatrically, administratively, with group dynamics, interpersonal relationships, hospital departments, Joint Commission survey preparation and participation, committee functions, leadership, internal education, physician education, pharmacy, computer documentation and orders, internal hospital systems of communication, etc.



Dr. Alexander has also assisted on multiple plaintiff cases across multiple states, although he prefers to avoid local cases against colleagues. He uses the same knowledge base as depicted above. He has testified in two “was it murder or suicide cases”.



Dr. Alexander has been certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. These two fields have significant overlap and thus, both specialties have functional knowledge of the other. Examples include neuroanatomy and physiology, the ability to distinguish abnormal neurological states including nerve distribution, which is necessary in legal cases to help distinguish between malingering, factitious disorder, and conversion disorder. He is an expert in diagnosing and treating Encephalopathy/Delirium, an often missed, but crucial, medical state to treat urgently. He does limited but significant neuropsychiatric testing and testing for malingering, and often works with neuropsychologists on cases.



Dr. Alexander has extensive experience in working with almost every medical and surgical specialty. He has been the psychiatric consultant at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center and Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center for the last 15 years, as well as Methodist Medical Center and the University of Tennessee Medical Center. This necessitates interaction with every unit’s staff, physicians, social workers, care managers, billing coders, and ancillary staff. As a former Medical Director, he supervised all clinical care and physicians.


Physician Specialties

Dr. Alexander has extensive experience interacting with almost all specialties of physicians, both in his role as Medical Director and his past 15 years as a consultant. The primary diagnosis that he and his nurse practitioner consult on is Encephalopathy/Delirium, which involves a medical or surgical cause for temporary brain dysfunction. This can cause significant distress for patients, families, staff and doctors, and must be recognized and treated. He sees patients in the ER, ICU, and every other unit in the hospital.



Dr. Alexander often works on cases that involve an injury or an accident, many of which require delineation of voracity of complaints, level of pain and pain medication usage, and determining if exaggeration or malingering is a factor. He has also personally experienced several orthopedic operations, a complication of nerve damage, recovery, and extensive forms of rehabilitation.



Dr. Alexander has extensive experience working with physicians and staff of almost every specialty and on almost every type of hospital unit. These include ICU, IMC, NICU, CVICU, the Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center, Emergency Departments, developmental disability organizations, prisons, jails, children’s units, adolescent units, residential programs, and sexual offender programs.

With the high risk of malpractice suits these days, it is more important than ever to consult with the experts. As your medical legal expert, J. Sidney Alexander, MD has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the complexities of hospital functioning, policies, systems of care, connecting outpatient presentation with inpatient presentation, interaction with multiple specialists, standards of care, physician behavior, unit functioning, patient care, communication with family, and communication with the professionals. This includes general hospitals as well as psychiatric hospitals and facilities.




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